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Yep, electronic bagpipes are a thing.  From the ultra compact Technopipes through to a full set of Caledonia Redpipes, you’re sure to find something to please the musician, the Celt and the geek in you.  These devices have some serious engineering in them and allow you to practice your pipes without your neighbours wanting to kill you

Latest in the stable is the new p²chanter which is both an electronic practice chanter but can also be fitted with a unique pressure sensor, allowing it to be played in a standard Great Highland (analogue) Bagpipe.

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We stock a range of highland bagpipes from internationally renowned makers.

  • Peter Henderson
    Peter Henderson bagpipes are hand-crafted from the finest African Blackwood in Scotland, and are among the most sought after bagpipes in the world, with a unique sound and sublime tonal qualities.
  • RG Hardie
    Their distinctive look and range of affordable models makes them a popular choice for both beginners and seasoned pipers. These quality pipes are made to the highest standards by master craftsmen.
  • Martin MacBeth
    Macbeth and Co Bagpipes is an Australian boutique bagpipe manufacturer that hand-crafts each instrument to be completely unique, personalised, and tailored just for you.
  • Xavier Broderiou
    Boderiou Bagpipe’s instruments are exceptionally well crafted from the best materials and have a balanced and powerful sound and can be played successfully in both solo and band settings.
  • Carbony Celtic Winds
    Carbony Celtic Winds offers musicians innovative Celtic wind instruments that blend the advantages of modern carbon fiber technology with the time tested designs of traditional craftsmen.

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If you’re going to sweat out an Australian summer in a uniform designed for sub-zero temperatures, you may as well do it in style! Nothing says “I’m a Scotsman/Celtic god/piper/drummer/badass” like wearing a chunk of dead cow over your crotch.

Our beautiful, high-quality sporrans are handmade in Australia from the finest hides and furs by a master craftsman. We have a huge range available, from simple designs in plain leather to full dress sporrans with engraved cantles in a variety of patterns. Our supplier also relishes the challenge of custom orders. All sporrans are supplied complete with a chain and leather strap.

We also stock a range of leather belts and pouches to (a) keep your kilt up and (b) provide an extra pocket when your sporran isn’t big enough for your phone, wallet, tuner, hanky, spare reeds, beer cooler, etc.

The Twisted Thistle stocks only high-quality, handmade Australian leather products.

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Everything you need to make your bagpipe go: bags, reeds, cases, tuners, drying systems, maintenance items and some really great hearing protection for when you finally get the whole thing up and running.

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Do you appreciate the sound of a tin roof in a hailstorm? Were you that annoying kid who couldn’t stop bashing a table, much to your parents’ chagrin? Are you always late to gigs, reckless about caring for your instrument, and always first to the bar? Then this is for you! Opposable thumbs are optional.

Drum slings are made by a certified upholsterer in Brisbane, and are durable, comfortable, and reliable, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

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The Twisted Thistle stocks quality blackwood and polypenco practice chanters from master pipe-maker RG Hardie. These high-quality instruments produce a sweet sound and are a pleasure to learn and practice on.

All chanters we supply to you come ready to play with a reed included as part of the price (most sellers will sell reeds separately). Remember shipping is FREE within Australia.

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Last specimens in captivity

The special “Lincoln Hilton” edition of the Mk III Session Chanter.  Get one before they’re gone…

A great new CD

Great mix of pipes and drums, celtic folk and even some (bold as) brass.  Yay…

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