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How to play nicely with others

It has been said that pipers can be a cantankerous lot.  If you can find a group who are happy to be in the same room together, that’s a start.  Then there remains the challenge of getting them to agree on pipe setup, type of bag, make of reeds, etc and then to play the [...]

p²chanter Review Part 1: unboxing and initial setup

We were very excited to get a hold of this latest electronic practice chanter.  You might think that there's not too much new under the sun with these gadgets but it seems piping really does get the electronics nerds excited... What's in the box? Compared to a Deger Mk 1 and an RG Hardie [...]

Technopipe Info Sheet

Technopipe Details The Technopipe has a baritone E or D drone either alone or along with a tenor or base It has a built in metronome with variable speed and the ability to record over 1,200 notes so that can be played back in the left earphone between 1/4 and 2 times the recording speed [...]

Newbies’ Guide to Bagpiping

So, you’re considering or have already made the wise decision to become a kilted god/goddess among other mere mortal musicians. Congratulations! Bagpipes are without doubt the most challenging yet rewarding instrument you could ever learn to play in our completely unbiased opinion. We’ve compiled some words of wisdom and resources we wish we’d been told when [...]

All About Redpipes

Ancient instrument meets modern engineering German piping mastermind Rolf Jost created redpipes many moons ago. Electronic bagpipes that look as awesome as they sound, this versatile modern technological twist on our ancient instrument has a versatile variety of applications, including but not limited to: You can avoid meeting your neighbours while maintaining your blowing [...]

p²chanter FAQ

The p²chanter is a smart multifunctional instrument: out of the box, it works as a regular electronic practice chanter, but with the insertion of the optional pressure sensor module, it becomes a pipe chanter ready to be fitted to your bagpipe. The batteries are low and should be replaced soon. When using normal, [...]

Pipe bands in the Northern Territory

Northern Territory Pipe Bands The Northern Territory has only one pipe band, who are based in Darwin. We’ll keep them posted about our air-conditioned kilts, which are currently in development. Darwin and Districts Pipes and Drums Inc Location: Palmerston, NT Founded: – Web: Phone: 0477 533 634 Tartan: Competitive: No Practice: Tuesday (contact for [...]

Western Australian Pipe Bands

The Western side of the country enjoys piping and drumming almost as much as they enjoy plotting to secede from the rest of Australia. Perth and its surrounding areas have a vivid piping community, with several players rumoured to secretly travel to perform for His Majesty, Prince Leonard of Hut. If you would like any [...]

South Australian Pipe Bands

Some of Australia's finest wines, festivals and pipers put South Australia on the map, but with its capital city, Adelaide, known as the city of churches, beware... South Australian pipers are the most likely to flatten you if you request Amazing Grace. Bands are arranged alphabetically by name. If you would like to request any changes to details [...]

Tasmanian Pipe Bands

With only a couple of bands in Tassie, you might assume that pipers and drummers in Australia's most southern, cold, and picturesque state are as elusive as the thylocene, but you'd be wrong...we have it on good authority that two heads play better than one, and that the Tassie piping community thrives in the region, almost [...]

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