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If you want to learn to play the pipes or drums, find a band to join, or find pipers to hire in your area, then you’ve come to the right place.

The Twisted Thistle has created a database of Australian pipe bands to keep a comprehensive list of bands of bagpipes and drums in Australia.

Having made that bold claim, the Pipe Bands Australia Website also has links to branch areas, where you can find lists that are probably more up-to-date than ours is (we do our best, but our minions need to sleep sometime).

If your band or group isn’t included here and you’d like us to add you to the list (it’s free!), then please contact us.


This database was last updated on 17 August 2016.

Australian Pipe Band Database

Pipe bands in the Northern Territory

Northern Territory Pipe Bands The Northern Territory has only one pipe band, who are based in Darwin. We’ll keep them posted about our air-conditioned kilts, which are currently in development. Darwin and Districts Pipes and [...]

Western Australian Pipe Bands

The Western side of the country enjoys piping and drumming almost as much as they enjoy plotting to secede from the rest of Australia. Perth and its surrounding areas have a vivid piping community, with [...]

South Australian Pipe Bands

Some of Australia's finest wines, festivals and pipers put South Australia on the map, but with its capital city, Adelaide, known as the city of churches, beware... South Australian pipers are the most likely to flatten you if [...]

Tasmanian Pipe Bands

With only a couple of bands in Tassie, you might assume that pipers and drummers in Australia's most southern, cold, and picturesque state are as elusive as the thylocene, but you'd be wrong...we have it on [...]

Victorian Pipe Bands

Pipe bands in Victoria continue the tradition of dramatic dress for the era their state is named after, though we hear there's less tuberculosis now than then. It's fitting that Australia's cultural capital is home to some [...]

New South Wales Pipe Bands

Home to such icons as the Harbour Bridge, the Australian Celtic Festival at Glen Innes, and P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney, the New South Welsh may call themselves Blues but with a pipe band community that stretches [...]

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