Peter Henderson bagpipes are hand-crafted from the finest African Blackwood in Scotland, and are among the most sought after bagpipes in the world, with a unique sound and sublime tonal qualities. Hendersons are also known for their exclusive silver and nickel engraved or plain designs. These are the brand to buy if you want a set of heirloom pipes that you can pass down for generations—the silver work is simply stunning and they will last several lifetimes. Available in a number of exclusive designs in silver and nickel, they are crafted by a team with over 40 years’ experience. Beware of cheap imitations. View our new buyers’ guide for tips about what to look for to ensure your pipes are genuine. If you would like a quote on a product that isn’t listed here, please contact us by email ( or on 0409 620 975; we may be able to get it in for you, at a competitive price. Remember that shipping within Australia is FREE—what you see is what you pay.