Hire services

We have a range of high-quality pipers on call.  Contact us today to find a piper for your special occasion.

Hire a Piper

Whether you are planning a wedding, funeral, birthday, christening, barmitzvah or anything in between, our experienced and polished pipers can add that touch of tact, atmosphere, and class that you’re after.

Ever wanted to surprise a colleague, friend, or neighbour in the loudest way possible? We’ll create a memory they’ll never forget. You provide the address (and a song preference if you have one) and we will arrive on time and play a tune for them with any message you choose.


Most of our pipers are based in and around Brisbane and generally work a day job as well.  As such, weekend and evenings are best for availability, with limited availability on weekdays. We will always try to find a piper for every request we receive.


Each of our pipers has a wide repertoire of Scottish, Irish, Australian, and international tunes, and are always willing to learn new tunes if you have a special one in mind. Keep in mind that you may need to give a few weeks’ notice to learn a new tune! Please discuss your tune preferences when you get in touch.


Prices are a general rate for Brisbane (QLD) and surrounding suburbs only. Additional costs may apply if further travel is required, but we are always happy to work with you to accommodate any needs you may have. Please discuss this with us when you contact us.