This simple and stylish little speaker really packs a punch.  We know that the vast majority of people who purchase electronic chanters, do so for the ability to play unheard while practising.  So why, we hear you ask, would we want a speaker?  Well, if like us, there are times when you do need other people to hear what you are playing, then this little gadget is the ducks guts.  Whether playing in with others, teaching a student or just sick of playing for hours with headphones or ear buds on, this little speaker is so versatile.

  • MINI BODY & MULTI FUNCTION: Brand new design with a compact body to let you go anywhere with it; Small size and light weight to carry, you could put it in your pocket, bag, brief case etc.
  • TRANSPARENT DESIGN: Premium appearance with built-in L-ion battery supports for playing up to 8 hrs with single charge of 45 mins; Power saving mode added, auto turn-off in 5 mins if no active use
  • IMPRESSIVE CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND: Ultra portable size contains super capacity, 2W loud and great sound quality.
  • GREAT COMPATIBILITY: Can be used with any chanter model and also great for your phone or tablet
  • EASY & QUICK TO USE: Unique line-in “wireless” concept, plug in and play in under 2 seconds
  • CARRY POUCH INCLUDED: so that your speaker can be protected from bumps and scrapes.