Product Description

After several years of research and developement Moose Bagpipes have released their Mooseture Control System.

The Mooseture Control System gives pipers options for most moisture control solutions and has been designed to suit almost every conceivable set up.

The system can be purchased as a complete set up or just in part.

The Moose Drone Canister has 3 equal divisions ensuring absolutely equal and airtight airflow to each drone reed. The drone sections are filled with desiccant to offer totally dry airflow to the drone reeds.

The Moose Chanter/Blowpipe Canister can be connected to either the chanter stock, as a canister, or the blowpipe stock as a tube trap.

Both options offer a variety of choices in which way the piper wishes to run their bagpipe set-up. The canister has a dial to allow moist air from the bag to enter direct to the chanter reed as well as going through the desiccant in the canister. The dial can be moved easily from the outside of the bag to either shut off moisture or open up for more moisture. The canister has a small filter to protect the chanter reed from any dust particals. The amount of desiccant in this canister can be altered to suit as required or the desiccant can be replaced with a chamois (not supplied) if using as a tube trap from the blowpipe stock.

Both Moose Canisters can be easily removed at the tubes and have an easy removable lid for access. As the canisters are small and round in shape there is no need to ensure that they are level inside the pipe bag.