Airflow Control

Air goes in, air comes out. Controlling where and how fast is the trick…

  • Clack Valve

    $ 5.00
    The modern take on the original shaped leather valve.  Provides a tight seal to the blow pipe without obstructing the airway.  We recommend using a chanter cap to protect the projecting copper hinge during storage.
  • Bagpipe Gauge

    $ 145.00
    Do you want to know how to achieve that rich, harmonic, rock steady, precisely-tuned, world-class bagpipe sound? Steady bag pressure. Every top piper knows that great bagpipe tone begins with steady blowing.
    The Bagpipe Gauge is easy to use and intuitive. It gives you precise, instant, and continuous visual feedback.
    The Bagpipe Gauge is completely portable and takes just seconds to attach.The Bagpipe Gauge will completely change the way you think about blowing your pipes.The Bagpipe Gauge is a revolutionary tool that quickly teaches you how to blow your pipes strong and steady.
  • The Flexistick is a precision-made blowpipe, designed to achieve optimum blowing position and maximum airflow into the pipe bag. It is made of a series of components to adjust the length and angular position of the blowpipe.
  • Drone Valves

    $ 60.00
    Drone Valves from Highland Reeds – set of three.  These drone valves are screw adjustable which means that they can be accurately set to suit your blowing strength and don’t fluctuate with bad blowing.  Benefits are:
    • Assisting with strike in and cut off
    • Accurately set to suit your blowing strength
    • Regulate air flow to the drones giving a much steadier drone sound
    • A real help for pipe majors who need a uniform sound from their unsteady blowers
  • Moose valve

    $ 42.00
    The mythical Australian Moose The Moose Valve is an innovative, easy-to-fit blowpipe stock valve, which can be used in any type of bag, and is fully adjustable from 1.9–2.2cm (3/4–7/8″). It fits internal tapered bores without needing to ream or drill your stock. Once fitted, the Moose Valves acts as a water trap which effectively collects excess moisture. This can be easily poured out after removing your blowpipe.

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