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Bagpipes put out somewhere between 90 and 100 decibels. About the same as your average rock concert. Even though the threshold of pain is higher at around 120dB, losing your hearing shouldn’t be part of the equation.

  • Etymotic ER20

    $ 30.00
    Etymotic ER20 High Fidelity Earplugs feature patented Hi-Fi technology that lets you hear all frequencies clearly, just as if you had no plugs in, but at a lower volume level. The triple flange design on these musician ear plugs produces a good seal in most ear canals, yielding accurate performance and a comfortable fit for nearly everyone. Sounds are clear not muffled. ER20 High Fidelity Earplugs reduce the volume by about 20 db--just enough to prevent damage to your hearing, but not so much that you lose the enjoyment of the music. The ER20 has an NRR of 12 rather than 20 because the frequency weighting used in the NRR calculation assumes blocking of higher frequencies more than of lower frequencies, and these plugs do not do that. They are designed to let you hear the full range of music, without distortion across the frequencies. ER20 plugs are durable, washable, and long lasting. With proper care they will last for months even with daily use. Sold with sturdy carrying cases in quantities of one or more. All packs include a carrying case with each pair of plugs.
    • Low Cost and Re-usable
    • Ready to fit
    • Replicates the ear’s natural response
    • Sound quality is preserved
    • An earplug designed to behave like an actual ear canal
    • Is the only device of its kind in the world
    • Easy to Clean
    • Long Life Span
    • Patented & Authentic
  • Hearing loss has a direct impact on the performance of your profession or passion because your hearing is the most essential gear. Good hearing is essential and properly protecting your hearing is important during rehearsals, performances and concerts. Our luxury model MusicSafe Pro has been specifically developed for musicians. This is the most luxurious and extensive edition of the Alpine music range, with three sets of exchangeable filters, allowing you to determine your own protection.

    MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs feature:

    • Prevents hearing loss and a ring in your ears
    • Only earplugs with three exchangeable acoustic filter sets
    • The sound quality of the music remains preserved
    • The earplugs are very comfortable to wear and are hardly visible in the ear
    • With handy storage box that can be personalized
    • With strap
    • With white, silver grey or black earplugs
    • With spare earplug
  • Musicians are at considerable risk of damage to their hearing. Very loud music causes hearing impairment and other physical problems. The MusicSafe Classic™ ear plugs are provided with two pairs of different filter sets that you can change around yourself. Thus you yourself can determine which muffling is most suitable in various situations. The Alpine MusicSafe Classic do not create a feeling of being 'closed off' or a sense of extra pressure. The MusicSafe Classic has been specifically developed for performers.

    MusicSafe Classic Natural Sound Ear Plugs feature:

    • Dual-Flange Silicone Design for maximum comfort and a great acoustic seal that fits most adults.
    • Thermo-Reactive silicone rubber material that softens at body temperature for an unusually comfortable fit that is ideal for extended wear.
    • Low-profile Stem Design for a less noticeable appearance on stage, at the concert or at the club.
    • Interchangeable attenuation filters that let you choose the level of attenuation you need in specific situations.
    • Natural Sound Technology to clearly hear your music and voices at a comfortable, safe volume.
    • Sturdy and stylish silver-coloured hard plastic carry/storage case; perfect for attaching to your keys (see image).


    Protect your ears with DUBS Acoustic Filters: advanced tech ear plugs designed to provide an optimal listening experience.


    DUBS Acoustic Filters are advanced tech earplugs that reduce volume without sacrificing the clarity of sound. Whether you're in the city, at a concert, on a plane or at the game, the DUBS protect your ears to keep you going louder, longer.


    Today, we encounter more harmful noise than ever before. While we’ve become accustomed to the roar of airplanes, construction sites, concerts, and clubs, our ears have not, leading to a rise in Noise Induced Hearing Loss. The DUBS feature a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) to help protect your ears.


    Traditional ear plugs block all noise, muffling the sounds of the world around you. The DUBS are different. Developed by leading acoustic engineers and designers, the DUBS have been pre-tuned to target specific frequencies, so you hear the world the way it was meant to be heard.

    Clarity of Sound Ear Plugs CLARITY OF SOUND

    The DUBS advanced tech earplugs use dynamic attenuation to reduce the overall volume while preserving sound fidelity.

    Protection Ear Plugs PROTECTION

    A 12dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) creates a safe and pleasant auditory experience; protecting your ears without muffling the sound.

    Design-Forward Ear Plugs DESIGN-FORWARD

    The DUBS utilize a minimalist form factor and sleek design that fits flush to the ear.

    Advanced Tech Ear Plugs ADVANCED TECH

    The DUBS compact size masks the complexity of its 17 individual parts, utilizing premium materials like stainless steel, ABS, polymer foams and silicone.

    One Size Ear Plugs Ear Plugs ONE SIZE

    Designed to fit most adults ages 16 and up.

    Select Your Style Ear Plugs SELECT YOUR STYLE

    Available in four colors: Teal, Blue, Pink and White. Comes with carrying case.
  • Etymotic ER20XS

    $ 45.00
    Etymotic ER20XS High Fidelity Earplugs are the highly-awaited next generation of Etymotic's industry-leading ETYPlugs® High-Fidelity Earplugs for musicians.  Etymotic ER20XS High Fidelity Earplugs feature patented Hi-Fi technology that lets you hear all frequencies clearly, just as if you had no plugs in, but at a lower volume level. The ER20XS features:
    • New, discreet design
    • Performance matches Etymotic's original high-fidelity earplugs developed for musicians
    • Unsurpassed clarity
    • 20-dB equal sound reduction across the spectrum of hearing
    • Richness of music is preserved; speech remains clear, just quieter
    • Reusable
    ER20XS earplugs feature a low-profile, stem-less design that sits snugly in the outer ear without protruding. This makes it especially comfortable to wear under hats, helmets and other headgear. ER20XS earplugs come with a small, flexible pull tab that allows for easy removal, an easy-to-install neck cord and a carrying case. ER20XS earplugs are discreet and have the identical response of ETYPlugs through 4 kHz. Above 4 kHz they have improved high-frequency clarity without compromising protection.
    ER20XS eartips are interchangeable. ER20XS earplugs can also be used with foam eartips with essentially no change in response.


    • ER20XS earplugs
    • Neck cord
    • Case
    • Instructions

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