Moisture Control

Avoid death by bagpipe lung. Keep your bag and your reeds dry. Who knows? Maybe your pipe will also sound better…

  • The Moisture Tube

    $ 70.00$ 120.00
    When hot air is blown into a pipe bag, it comes into contact with any restriction or obstacle which then causes the hotter air to condense.  This light weight tube is made from purpose built components and is designed to restrict the air flow making more condensation and cooling down the air before it reaches the reeds.  It is possible to adjust how much restriction (and therefore condensation) you want or need.  Great for all the wet blowers...
  • The Chanter Moisture Control System (CMCS) reduces moisture from your pipe bag before it gets to your chanter reed. Air is taken through the gel filled cartridge section, on through the flexi-tube and connects to the chanter stock. The Chanter Moisture Control System complements Highland Reed’s Drone Moisture Control System and offers the following benefits:
    • Keeps chanter reed drier so you can play longer
    • Gives consistency of air flow to the chanter
    • Non-bulky, lightweight system
    • Lies on the bottom of the bag
    • Easy to install, remove and maintain
  • The Tone Protector is a complete reed storage and maintenance system that keeps your chanter reed at constant humidity level to ensure consistent, optimal reed performance. The Tone Protector is designed to help you immediately improve your bagpipe sound by giving you:
    • more consistent sound from day to day
    • more stable pitch
    • greater precision of tuning
    • longer lasting reeds
    • clearer sound
    and a pipe that is more efficient and easier to tune and to play. Includes:
    • 1 x Tone Protector: Digital Chanter Cap with Two-Way Humidity control
    • 2 x  Humidity Control Packs (Pre-Calibrated 84% & 75% R.H.)
    • 1 x How to Get A World-Class Bagpipe Sound Handbook
    • 1 x Personalized One-On-ONE Support to help you reach your Bagpipe Tone Goals
    • Dual-layer reed protector with two-way humidity control
    • Digital hygrometer and thermometer with large, easy-to-read LCD display
    • Extra large knurled locking thumb screw
    • Two-way humidity control technology adds or removes moisture as needed to maintain a precisely controlled, specifically-chosen humidity level
    Designed, tested, and built by Jori Chisholm, founder of and creator of the Bagpipe Gauge and the Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker. Over the last three years, Jori has designed and tested the world’s first digital reed protector with two-way humidity control. Pipers from around the world have played it and with great results. The Tone Protector. Protect your sound.
  • Spare MCS Gels

    $ 25.00
    Spare gel crystals for Highland Reeds Moisture Control System.  Enough to replace set of three cartridges.  More drying to play longer.
  • Moisture Control System (MCSII) reduces moisture before it hits your drone reeds. This is the most versatile system on the market because it is:
    • Lightweight
    • Sits at the top of the bag
    • Easy to adjust
    • Equipped with removable drone valves
    It also offers the following benefits:
    • Keeps reeds drier so that your pipes stay in tune and you can play longer
    • No tonal change
    • Consistency of air pressure to drone
    • Easy to install, remove and maintain
    • Non-bulky, lightweight system
    The removable drone valve has a flexible connector for connection to the drone stock. It also features a screw adjustable quick stop drone valve to regulate the air flow. Drone valves are included within the system. These are removable if not needed, however they will regulate the air flow to the drones giving a steadier drone sound.
  • Bottle Trap

    $ 30.00
    Highland Reeds Bottle Trap is a moisture system that connects to the blow pipe stock.  It is absolutely vital you should have something going from the bottom of the blow stock to the back of the bag.  It’s a must. The Bottle Trap is an inexpensive and very effective moisture control product for use with a zipper pipe bag. Air passes along the length of the tubing and into the bottle which has a moisture absorbing cloth. Air holes in the bottle allow dry air to pass into the pipe bag.  Remove the Chamonix cloth from the bottle and allow it to dry out after playing and you can easily re-insert the cloth into the bottle once dry. Replacement bottles and cloths are available.

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