Made by Anders Fagerström since 1991, these pipes are a true child of the Scandinavian design school being minimalist, beautifully simple with clean lines and form and displaying an exacting level of craftsmanship.

    MIDI to 6.5mm mono ADAPTER CABLE The Twisted Thistle has developed this handy cable right here in Brisbane. Fagerstrom Sweden have tested and approved the cable for the technopipes, so it is now an approved accessory. The cable connects to the midi cable that is supplied with the Technopipes, to give you approximately 2m of cable that can be plugged into any guitar amp and sound board. Because the Technopipe’s jack is a standard 3.5mm fitting, this adaptor cable will also fit most home stereo 1/4″ mic sockets. Remember that shipping within Australia is FREE—what you see is what you pay.
  • This handy bit of kit is manufactured by Anders Fagerstrom, the creator of the Technopipes, in Sweden. It’s an attachment for the Technopipes that supports the top part of the chanter, providing added stability while you play. Note: Technopipe not included with this attachment
  • Technopipes

    $ 430.00
    An ancient instrument with a modern twist—practice anywhere, anytime, without having stuff thrown at you! Anders Fagerstrom, a Swedish electronics engineer, designs and manufactures the Technopipe, a compact, durable, highly portable and convenient set of electronic pipes with a huge range of built-in options, including chanter-only or chanter-and-drones modes, metronome, adjustable pitch, and several different kinds of pipes. Technopipes are available in classic black, modern white, or futuristic clear, and all supplied by The Twisted Thistle will arrive to you completely ready-to-play, with earphones and batteries included with every purchase. All technopipes come with a standard 12 month warranty. The Twisted Thistle is Australia's only registered warranty agent, so in the unlikely event that your technos have an issue, we will take care of all replacement or repair issues on your behalf. See more info here. Click here to see the Technopipes in action. Remember that shipping within Australia is FREE—what you see is what you pay.

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