Play a whistle like it's a bagpipe!

Pipers, ever been down the pub with a session in full swing but feeling on the out because pipes are just too big for the room?  Too over-powering for the other instruments? Got a bag of jigs and reels that would sound excellent on a whistle but you haven't learnt the whistle fingerings? Wouldn't it be great if all those hours spent learning tunes on your pipe could be brought to bare and earn you a beer or ten. Well, now you can.  Carbony™ Celtic Winds has produced the Great Highland Whistle.  It has eight hole fingering and a scale identical to that of the Great Highland Chanter. It's tuned to concert pitch and available in keys of A440, B, Bb and D. The whistle has a range of two octaves giving further range for tunes that would normally not be playable on a pipe.  And the leading tone means pipe tunes with lots of bottom hand will sound great. Each whistle is constructed from Carbon Fiber with an engraved aluminum fipple (mouthpiece) and marbled ebonite tip. All Carbony™ Great Highland Whistles come with a lifetime warranty.